Pictures of Strangers

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I was originally going to split the content of this article into a Chatlog Fun article and a Filler Content Friday article, but I’ve decided that I love these ridiculous comics way too much to just shove them into a corner of my website intended solely to give me some buffer room so that I don’t have to rush through my GOOD articles.

So instead, I am presenting these comics with the chatlogs that spawned them. I don’t have chatlogs for ALL of them, sadly, but I have enough to shed some light into how these came into being.

End-User Life Agreement

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I never chose to be born. I was yanked kicking and screaming from the Void, and eventually I will return to the Void. As a nihilist, I find this strangely comforting. The idea of eternal life scares the living shit out of me, and heaven sounds like a nightmare, because other people will be there. No thanks. I prefer me a little oblivion.

Sure, it seems a little sad, and some of you are probably wondering how I can find any joy in life with that kind of outlook. If so, you just, like, don’t get nihilism, man.