How to Make Your Coworkers as Miserable as You Are

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You may not hate your job, but let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather roll out of bed whenever you damn well feel like it, and spend your time doing stuff you intensely enjoy, rather than rationalize the fact you’re getting paid well enough to do stuff that you’d really rather not do? Of course! The reality of the situation is that even if you’re not abjectly miserable at work, one or more of your coworkers are, and negativity is much, much more contagious than positivity. If you’re looking to fit in better in your workplace, just follow this guide, and you too can be a miserable fuck just like your coworkers!

Sock Puppets Eating People Food – Episode 01 – Pennsyltucky Picnic

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This weekend, I had the pleasure of putting on a red hand puppet and wasting a lot of perfectly good food – much of which landed in my hair – for the sake of comedy. Enjoy! And if you like it, please like, comment, and subscribe to the channel, and like our Facebook page! For those real hardcore people out there, we made a behind-the-scenes video, too!

How to Be a Shitty Older Brother

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I am not an easy person to live with. I am temperamental, judgmental, lazy, and obsessive. But that’s nothing compared to the way I behaved from the ages of eight to around twenty-five. I was a miserable bastard, and I treated a lot of people like shit, including my younger sister.

My Favorite TV Puppets – Vol 1: The Presidents

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Today is a very special year because we’ve got all these presidents trying to be the main president and win a trip to the White Hour. I love it, because there’s so many funny memes and it’s just endless fun for everybody expect all those people who get all racial or become dicks about it, but they’re stupid anyway. The point is, the presidents are interesting to look at, it’s nice to watch them argue on TV, and one of them is going to win and give us four years of entertainment. No matter what happens, we win!