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  • Prince Valiant and the Story I Never Bothered to Finish April 29, 2015 Tom Cash

    Tom made this comic a long time ago, but the final panels somehow got lost. Nevertheless, it’s funny enough on its own to be worth publishing, so here it is!

  • Prince Valiant and the Stone Ape April 6, 2015 Tom Cash

    Prince Valiant and his pals eat drugs and shamelessly kill innocent monsters in the woods. Also, a guy gets completely obliterated with absolutely no explanation or even any evidence of emotional response from his peers.

  • Prince Valiant and the Chocolate Basketballs March 26, 2015 Tom Cash

    The first episode of Prince Valiant’s Shitty Adventures, an ongoing series of parody comics using art assets from the classic (and very verbose and seemingly endless) comic script, Prince Valiant. In this first adventure, we meet the principle characters that will appear many times over in future episodes: Prince Valiant, his sister, Princess Stuck-Up Cunt, ...