Filler Content Friday: Free Association Vol. 1

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It’s difficult to produce content on a consistent basis. Thankfully, there is a fairly reliable technique to break open your subconscious mind and get the creative juices flowing. It’s called free association writing, and the idea is to just write whatever comes to mind without any filters. Today I thought I’d share some of my stream of consciousness experiments with you.

Filler Content Friday – Don Knotts Looks Like He’s Getting his Butthole Fingered in Every Picture

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The late Don Knotts, beloved comedian whose characters included Deputy Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show, and Mr. Furley from Three’s Company, was very well known for his comical faces, particularly his wide-wided expression of shock and confusion. He was a brilliant physical actor and comedian.

He also looked like he was unexpectedly getting his butthole fingers by a large German man with gigantic sausage fingers at all times.

Filler Content Friday – Volume 12: Doucheball Maker Instructions

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Congratulations on your purchase of a quality Home Doucheball Maker! The following Quick Start Instructions will have you making and enjoying your very own homemade doucheballs in no time at all! Remember to use only high quality douche to ensure that your Doucheball Maker does not degrade in quality. Cheap, knockoff douche can damage the internal components of your Doucheball Maker.