Filler Content Friday – Volume 5: Lousy Photoshops

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Filler Content Friday - Volume 5: Lousy Photoshops

So, right off that bat, I want to make it known that the majority of this were made before 2003. I was relatively new to Photoshop, and I really didn’t know what I was doing yet. But everybody’s got to start somewhere, right?  As with the animated gif article and the random doodle article, I’m not going to be able to reliably provide context for all of these.  A lot of them were completely spur of the moment, inspired by some strange compulsion I felt when looking at the one of the image assets involved.  Others were the product of early Photoshop contests on the Something Awful Forums, a place I used to frequent off and on from 2001 until about 2010 or so.  I think one or two of them even made it into Photoshop Phriday posts.


Asia Carrera, I think. She was a porn star in the early to mid 2000’s. She might still be active, I’m not sure. She was posing in front of a screen displaying her website, and I decided to replace it with the Hot Dog Astronaut, who appears elsewhere in this post.

Avril Lavigne as a vampire

Avril Lavigne as a vampire.

Fuck Club

There was actually a porno made with this later [LINK], sans mansex.

Al Gore eating a giant sandwich

Al Gore eating a giant sandwich.

astronaut holding a hot dog

Look, he’s an astronaut, he’s got a hot dog, he’s the Hotdog Astronaut! What more do you need to know?

N'Sync Photoshop

A creative re-imagining of N’Sync. It’s abysmal.

what if Sylvester Stallone and Penelope Cruz had a baby

What if Sylvester Stallone and Penelope Cruz had a baby?

pool shark video game

Made for a Photoshop Phriday contest.

I have no idea what this is.

No idea.

Sloth's girlfriend

Sloth’s girlfriend, “Baby” Ruth.


Some sort of hideous monster.

Spice Girls Photoshop

In retrospect, I basically painted blackface on Scary Spice. It wasn’t an intentional thing; I don’t think I even realized it until just now.

the worst Photoshop I've ever made

Ladies and gentlemen, the worst Photoshop I’ve ever made. I don’t think I was even trying.