Filler Content Friday – Volume 3: Old Doodles and Comic Strips

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I spent a large amount of my high school years drawing doodles and comic strips, a habit which followed me well into my twenties.  I have composition books full of bizarre sketches, half-completed comics,  and other inane things.  Awhile ago, I started the process of digging through these papers and scanning them, at least until my scanner broke.  Some day, I’ll get a new scanner and digitize the rest of them, but for now, here’s a selection of my favorites:

The Ultimate Crack Pipe

A pound of crack a day will keep the doctor away.

The Smack Injector Suit

Probably not my most practical idea, but I think it could have worked. The problem is, it would have been expensive to produce, and junkies aren’t generally known for their disposable income.

0.01 seconds before an accident takes place.

There are no accidents.

A nurse or something?

The Nurse Who Loved Me (And Her Dog)

My dad, maybe?

This guy could kinda be my dad in his twenties.

Seriously, fuck that place.

Well into my fourth week of on the job training at one of the worst jobs I ever had. I was legitimately starting to lose my mind. I passionately hated everyone I worked with.  I kinda wish I hadn’t included that “this is art”, that seems kinda douchey.

Electronics notes.

Please don’t be offended by the blatantly offensive drawing. In my defense, I was in an electronics theory class and it was making my brain melt.

More electronics notes.

More electronics notes.


Yeah, I have no excuse for this.

I wasn't medicated at the time, okay?

No excuse for this, either.

Sexy Grandpa




When I was 17, I worked at a grocery store called Fox’s Market as a cashier.  I drew this one night when it was really slow.

Foxy Comics (rough draft) 1 of 2.

Foxy Comics (rough draft) 1 of 2.

Foxy Comics (rough draft) 2 of 2.

Foxy Comics (rough draft) 2 of 2.

I later redrew it, when I had more time and a better workspace.

Foxy Comics (second draft) 1 of 2.

Foxy Comics (second draft) 1 of 2.

Foxy Comics (second draft) 2 of 2.

Foxy Comics (second draft) 2 of 2.

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