Buddy Cop Episode 2: Good Cop, Good Cop

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Let it never be said that I don’t suffer for my art. So far, in every single scripted video I’ve been in for Unintelligible Gibberish, I have found myself covered in food.

In the case of this particular video, I was asked to smear foul-tasting, this-color-does-not-appear-in-nature cupcake frosting all over my face in order to satisfy an admittedly hilarious shot one second of screen time.

In the five minutes that I had that poisonous garbage on my face, it began to burn my skin significantly, and stained my mouth, lips, and chin an alarming shade of pink. It took several washings and a thorough shower to get it all out.

I also had coconut oil in my hair, to give it that nasty, oily sheen that – I feel – really completes the character. I don’t mind that part at all, though, because my hair was super lustrous and smooth after washing that stuff out.

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