Filler Content Friday – Volume 12: Doucheball Maker Instructions

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Congratulations on your purchase of a quality Home Doucheball Maker! The following Quick Start Instructions will have you making and enjoying your very own homemade doucheballs in no time at all! Remember to use only high quality douche to ensure that your Doucheball Maker does not degrade in quality. Cheap, knockoff douche can damage the internal components of your Doucheball Maker.

Doucheball Maker

  1. Liquid douche is drawn into the unit via a douche bag (not shown), and is regulated by way of the douche gauge (A), which feeds back into the douche pump (B), keeping suction optimized.
  2. If douche flow becomes too slow, and both the gauge and pump appear to be operating normally, check the douche gasket (C) and the intake tubing (D) for any kinks or flaws. It is much cheaper to replace a faulty gasket or intake tube than it is to repair or replace a pump or gauge which has been damaged because of an unchecked gasket!
  3. Liquid douche mixes with thickening agent in douche chamber (E), where it forms into a batter (Fig. 2).
  4. Douche batter exits the device through the douche nozzle (G) via the output tubing (F). Use an ordinary Tupperware container or mixing bowl to collect the douche batter.
  5. Allow the douche batter to thicken slightly – should take no more than 15 – 25 minutes, depending on your mixing ratio.
  6. Roll thickened douche batter into balls 1-inch in diameter and store in sealed container, in a cool, dry place (Fig. 3).


If properly stored, doucheballs will remain firm, fresh, and douchey for up to 12 weeks.