Chick Tract Roulette – Episode One: Little Orphan Boy

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The concept is simple: you are a passive television viewer in the nightmare world of Jack T. Chick, the ultra-fundamentalist Christian fearmonger who believes that the Catholics and the Jews are separate arms of the same globe-spanning Satanic world domination network.

Only something has gone wrong; the nightmare has spiraled out of control! No longer is the message one of intolerance and fear. Now it has become something far stranger, and you can only watch, mouth agape, as the channel changes again and again, of its own accord, forcing you to endure more and more madness. This is Chick Tract Roulette.

In this episode of Chick Tract Roulette, Jessie Pinkman and Walter White pull a drive by, a construction worker is fatally wounded and discovers that Heaven is full of vegans, and a man discovers the final solution for dealing with proselytizing Christians.




Images in the above comic were selected from the following:

Additionally, the lyrics that appear in the “metal video” come from a REAL song. An AWFUL song. This song is Bewitched, by Candlemass, and it is an utterly horrific, tortured orgasm of hilariously bad music, cheesy lyrics and graveyard stomping, and I highly, highly recommend it:

Finally, in the gathering of materials for this comic, I found this on Jack Chick’s site, and I think it fairly well speaks for itself…