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I was originally going to split the content of this article into a Chatlog Fun article and a Filler Content Friday article, but I’ve decided that I love these ridiculous comics way too much to just shove them into a corner of my website intended solely to give me some buffer room so that I don’t have to rush through my GOOD articles.

So instead, I am presenting these comics with the chatlogs that spawned them. I don’t have chatlogs for ALL of them, sadly, but I have enough to shed some light into how these came into being.


Me: Some people like to put fruit in their cereal
Me: I like to put ground beef in mine
Charles: nice
Charles: i was just trying to write a poem
Charles: selective fingers pointing to corn flake hash
Charles: markers to see the sun
Charles: granpa dies in the garage
Me: hahaha
Charles: i think that’s a good end to it haha


Charles: bowls of hair (a cruel pillow)
Charles: knocks at the window by corn men
Charles: in the corner, crying, staring at a picture of huey lewis
Charles: hahah
Charles: i cracked myself up
Me: that’s hysterical


Charles: bag of dick, a silent enemy
Charles: a barn door sighs and exhales horseshit
Charles: most of the time… not all of the time… but most of the time it’s horseshit
Me: there’s a certain genius to your poetry
Me: it’s like Deep Thoughts
Charles: i think these would be top notch of we could get william shatner to recite them





FUN FACT: This comic was created around September 15 of 2006, almost three years to day from his actual death in 2009.  It was originally published as part of a series of comics entitled Antiseptic.  It has been retooled and rehashed here for your reading pleasure.


Charles: it’s totally about the sexual tension and awkwardness one feels on a first date at a popular Italian food chain
Charles: obviously
Me: obviously
Me: the never-ending pasta bowl is an indictment on western culture’s tenancy toward abundance, at the loss of individuality
Charles: agreed



After awhile, Charles decided to move on to other projects, having lost interest in writing stupid poetry.  I decided to take up the mantle of doing it all myself.

I can’t decide whether or not this was an improvement, but it was fun!




It occurred to me while making this that while “hillbilly” isn’t exactly a race, the caricatures one can find of them online border on being as offensive as tarbabies.  Nobody cares, though, because they’re white people.  Right?  White people don’t count, isn’t that right, SJW’s?  RIGHT?  ISN’T THAT FUCKING RIGHT?  ISN’T THAT RIGHT YOU FUCK SHITBAG FUCKSTAIN COCKSU-






Inspired in part by a stupid Saturday Night Live sketch from the 1990’s, and part from an even stupider nursery rhyme.

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