At its inception in early 2015, this site was intended to be a comedy blog with the tagline “Comedy, Mostly” (allowing room for me to write other things). And while I do enjoy writing comedy, these days I’ve found that my creative energies are better spent video editing.

But I do enjoy writing, and it’s been a very long time since I’d had anything like a personal website, so that is what this has become. It’s a place for me to discuss things that interest me, to journal my ongoing health and fitness goals, to share my insights of self-improvement, to share my half-baked metaphysical hypotheses, and to occasional write in character. There will still be comedy here, but that’s not the primary focus of the site anymore.

So why the reboot?

I turned forty. Age is an arbitrary thing, a social construct of little consequence, but in terms health, the ability to bounce back from disease and illness, the wearing down of bones, etc. etc. etc., Forty is a milestone. You’re no longer a young adult. You are, in fact, not far from middle age. And unless you have a serious tenacity for denial, you can no longer pretend that being obese, sedentary, and addicted to sugar is a healthy lifestyle which lends itself to survival past the age of, say, sixty. Or fifty. Or forty-five.

So I started eating better. I started going to the gym. I ditched the sugar, the refined carbs, the processed foods. My energy levels skyrocketed. I started getting stronger. I had more endurance. I was sleeping better. I was happier. Happier than I’d been in years. My confidence is – while certainly not unshakable – at an all-time high, and I decided to never stop improving. A big part of that is to hold myself publicly accountable. By putting this stuff in a public place, anyone and everyone can look me up, and see that I haven’t updated my measurements in awhile. “Hey, Tom, you still exercising? I thought you wanted to be healthier?”

It’s easy to bail out on something if nobody else knows you’re doing it. When everybody knows you’re doing it, that means you have shamefully give some bullshit answer as to why you started gulping down cookies and ice cream and sitting your fat ass on the couch all day. Because that isn’t a life, that’s merely existing. I deserve better. Everyone does.

Thanks for reading,
Tom Cash

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